12 Week Plant Based Diet Challenge

In my journey to discover my optimal diet, I have eliminated foods that lack nutrients, are acid-forming, and/or do not agree with my digestive system.   At the advice of the USDA and many fitness magazines, I had been consuming large amounts of protein through my food and supplements to build an athletic body.  I drastically reduced my intake, which my kidneys appreciated, and noticed absolutely no difference in recovery, muscle size or strength.  I eliminated red meat, a process that was relatively easy after being exposed to the environmental impact of cattle farming, as well as the high amounts of unhealthy fats and the acid-forming qualities of red meat.  After eliminating poultry, a former staple of my diet, I found that I was basically a vegetarian that ate eggs and seafood.  I eventually eliminated dairy, which I was happy to find immediately alleviated my chronic sinus congestion, a problem that had plagued me since my childhood.  I had substituted almond milk for cow’s milk some time ago, so eliminating cheese and yogurt were not too difficult.  As I was happily moving towards a plant-based diet, and enthused at the benefits it was having on my body and overall health, eggs were the next thing to go.  So there I was, shocked and yet happy to find myself a Vegan still consuming sea food.  This change in diet resulted in a weight loss of nearly 20 lbs, without any muscle loss.  My body was leaner, and was functioning as it never had in the past.

The idea of living an entirely plant based diet had come to my attention after reading the Thrive Diet books by Brendan Brazier.  My appetite for nutritional knowledge allowed me to read all 3 of his books in a matter of 2 weeks while on summer vacation from my education at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  As an athlete, I felt I was able to directly relate to his journey of finding optimal ways to fuel one’s body and the frustration of not being able to achieve this through conventional “sports nutrition” methods.  His ideas complimented what I was learning in my Natural Nutrition program and I was able to gain a wealth of knowledge in only a few weeks.  I was already familiar with his VEGA and VEGA Sport line of supplements after experiencing fantastic results through these products which had eluded me with other mainstream options.  From here, the idea of a plant-based diet as the optimal way to fuel athletic performance began to appeal to me.  As I was extremely close to living a plant based diet already, simply eliminating seafood would not be enough of a challenge.

I had recently grown somewhat tired of my usual resistance training routine and had begun to incorporate suspension training to my workouts.  As I became more adept at achieving a full body workout through this means, I began to consider the notion of substituting my strength training entirely with suspension training.  To my delight I came across the TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program.  This 12 week program states it’s goal is to “make you stronger and more resilient to safely and successfully complete your job as a tactical athlete, whatever that may be”.  It was a challenge I was happy to accept.

For the duration of this conditioning program I will fuel myself entirely with a plant-based diet, while supplementing with VEGA products.  I will use recipes provided by Brendan Brazier’s Thrive books as well as other plant-based resources and document my results several times per week.  I will include as much detail as possible about how my body reacts to this diet, as well as how I am able to fuel and recover my body for the workouts.  For more information regarding my journey through the conditioning part of this program, please refer to the TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program blogs in my Fitness section.

I will be posting the start date of these challenges shortly…

Thank you for your interest in this challenge!

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